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Design Society is founded by the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Danish Design Centre, INDEX: Design to Improve Life and Global Fashion Agenda. The foundation was formed as a national, unifying, and forceful player, working to coordinate the public funded effort for growth in the Danish design and fashion industries. The purpose of Design Society is to create a larger critical mass and coordinate the public efforts between national, regional and local authorities to promote design and fashion in Denmark. The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and The Capital Region of Denmark are the main sponsors of the foundation.

Design Society primarily operates through its organizations, Danish Design Centre, INDEX: Design to Improve Life, Global Fashion Agenda and Copenhagen Fashion Week, while the administrative assignments such as financial management, IT, and HR is managed by the foundation. Therefore each organization has its own mission and independent board of directors.

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Board of directors

Michael K. Rasmussen, Chairman of Design Society and Danish Design Centre
Niels Eskildsen, Chairman of Global Fashion Agenda
Jens Wittrup Willumsen, Chairman of INDEX: Design to Improve Life
Thomas Klausen, acting Chairman of Copenhagen Fashion Week / CEO in Danish Fashion & Textile
Line Nørbæk, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
Diana Arsovic Nielsen, Director of the Capital Region of Denmark in Centre for Regional Development

Chief Executive

Christian Bason


Chief Executive Christian Bason,, tel. +45 4050 3206 
Chief Financial Officer Mary Abundo Hansen,, tel. +45 2671 3030