Creative industries need a common voice

Copenhagen’s creative industries risk being overlooked unless they join forces and find a common voice, says Copenhagen’s Mayor of Employment and Integration, Anna-Mee Allerslev.

By Lisbeth Dolberg

kreativ-kph-3The creative sectors in Copenhagen are too modest and disorganized, and unless they shape up, they are going to be overtaken by the competition.
Such were the words of Copenhagen’s Mayor of Employment and Integration, Anna-Mee Allerslev, when asked why the city has set aside money for supporting creation of a shared vision for the creative industries.

“The creative sectors need to be better at collaborating.

They need to start approaching us politicians with a common voice and a shared set of recommendations.

Otherwise they’ll end up being overlooked,” she said, mentioning other sectors which she found had a more professional approach to lobbyism.

“When you look at other sectors such as for instance the maritime sector, they are much better at joining forces and approaching city hall collectively. They’ll hand us a report with a list of recommendations. That’s something we can understand as politicians and use in our work. The creative companies and institutions on the other hand tend to approach us individually and that’s not the most effective way of doing it.”